Awaken the Hero Within!

There are many journeys that we go on in life. Along the way, we are faced with many obstacles, dead-ends and distractions that push us off course. Sometimes we lose ourselves along the way. And the path back to true purpose is an arduous one. The great work of your life is finding the path to your true purpose and the ultimate expression of creativity is to design a life of meaning.

The mastery of purpose requires the mastery of self and the mastery of your journey. To become a master of your world you have to connect with your best self and your best possible world by learning, surrender to teachings of mastery, awareness, practice, focused intention, and seeking the edge of what is possible for you.


Transformative change is the kind of change that affects a person at a deep level. Transformation changes mindsets, values, beliefs and actions to create your deeply desired outcomes.


This is a deeply personal journey designed to build your strengths and resilience. It focuses on you first, so that you can be strong for yourself, in order to be strong for others.

Are you looking for a creative way to shape your life of purpose and meaning?


Do you wonder how you can coach yourself and others in living a purposeful life?


Are you ready to do what you really want to do?

Deep change always involves a degree of discomfort. And the deeper the change the more discomfort there is. Many of us reach a stage in our career, in our life when we face the threshold of having the courage to take a leap into the unknown and embrace the adventure in front of us. For some of us, it may be a career change to something new, something different. It may be a relentless desire and commitment to finding and pursuing an as yet elusive purpose. And for others, it may be connecting to the deeply held authentic self, hidden behind the surface of who we have become in pursuing the goals of parents, families and others. And for a few, it is finding your way back from being lost in the wilderness of a busy and noisy world to the courageous state of quietness, voluntary solitude and peacefulness.


We crafted our masterclass event for delegates that are serious about making a significant shift in how their lives are playing out. We would like to invite dedicated, focused and deeply committed individuals to join us for a one-of-a-kind public training event to discover your authentic purpose, meaning and commitment.

During this unique five-day workshop, you will have the chance to develop deep self-learning, insight and mastery; create a vision of a powerful future; and how to invite transformation through positive change and accelerated growth. Concepts explored in this program are:


The Hero’s Journey


In this training we will explore Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as a metaphor to explore where we are in the world, how we perceive it and how we can use the resources we have to create a great transformative journey to a brave new world.


The Path to Mastery


The mastery of purpose requires the mastery of self. To integrate the concept of mastery in your journey we will explore the principles of the mastery and how you can use it in developing your best self and your best possible world. We will explore learning, the surrender to teaching, practice, intention and seeking the edge of what is possible for you.


Discovering Your Transformative Self


During these five days we will teach you proven techniques to allow you to master your states and emotions; to connect with your deepest awareness and perceive the world from new perspectives and dimensions; and how to create a new future using creative thinking, problem solving and decision making. At the same time, we will invest in dealing with releasing negative energy and emotion through the teaching and practice of resilience practices.


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